Dartmoor Skittles League Rules

Running of the League

  • 1 A.  The Committee will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six or eight Members.
  • 1 B.  If any major incident or serious breach of the rules occur, the Committee have the power to Co-opt other members.
  • 2 A.  Annual General Meeting – These will be held in August.
  • 2 B.  Extra Ordinary Meetings – May be convened by the Committee or at the written request from 25% of the Team Membership. At any Annual or Extra Ordinary General Meeting – Only one vote per Team allowed.
  • 3. Any Team or Team Member expelled from the league, shall not be permitted to re-apply for re-entry for two seasons.
  • 4. If any existing Team changes either its name or venue, to maintain its league position they must field eight players from the previous season, and must play in the first half of the season.
  • 5. Disputes – Any Captain in dispute over any aspect of a particular game must NOT sign the score sheet, and send in a covering letter to the Secretary within seven days of the incident.
  • 6. Complaints – Any league member may lodge a complaint. These should be made in writing to the Secretary and be signed, within seven days of play of the incident.
  • 7. Failure to comply with any league rule or aspect of same, will be dealt with by the League Management Committee and could result in a fine, loss of points or expulsion.
  • 8. Age Limit – All players must be over 14 years of age. Any player aged between 14 and 18 years must be accompanied by their parent, or responsible person.
  • 9. All decisions by the Committee are final.

Aspects of Match Play

  • 10. Each team to consist of ten players. A player may only play for one team in any one season.
  • 11 A. Any team with less than ten players for a match will be given a maximum of five across the board i.e. thirty pins for each missing player.
  • 11 B. However, if any team does not arrive at a fixture, there will be an automatic “fine” of two points with the match being played as soon as possible.
  • 12. All players subject to one foot on the alley and one foot behind, or both feet behind end of alley, plus any issues pertaining to Health & Safety and Risk Assessment to be indicated before commencement of play.
  • 13 A. All players names to be put on the board by 8:30pm.
  • 13 B. All league matches to start at 8:30pm.
  • 13 C. No more than two players names be allowed to change after 8:30pm.
  • 13 D. Any player arriving after 9.00pm will not be allowed to play.
  • 14. Any captain requiring the alteration, postponement or cancellation of a match, should seek permission of the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman. Discretionary consideration will then be given. However shortage of players is no excuse. Re-arranged matches will be organised by the Secretary, and will be played as soon as possible within the league season.
  • 15. Match Fees/Score Cards
    A. Fees – This is subject to Treasurers’ and AGMS’ advice and is payable by the 1st October. Any late receipts will incur a fine set at £1 per week.
    B. Score cards – It is the responsibility of the home Captain to send in the score card within seven days of play.
  • 16. Relegation/Promotion
    A. This will be on a two up/ two down basis. In addition, dependent on Committee decided divisional construction, teams can be promoted or relegated to fill any vacancies.
    B. At end of season, in a tie situation – to decide the outcome, away pins to determine league positions/promotion/relegation.
  • 17. Only skittles knocked down by the ball and pins count – any rebounds do not count.
  • 18 All league fixture must be fulfilled.

Competition Play

Format for all competition play.

Should any team or individual not attend a fixture, without letting the Secretary know in advance, will not be permitted to enter this competition the following season.

  • 19. In the event of a tie in any cup competition, a play-off of three balls per person to decide the outcome. If there is still a tie, one ball each until resolution.
  • 20. Inter League Cup (10-A-side)
    Eligilibilty – Players must have played one league match.
    On semi final/final night, any player arriving after the designated start time of 7:30pm, will not be allowed to play that night.
  • 21. Committee Cup (Ladies 5-A-side)
    Eligilibility – Players must have played one league match.
    Players can only play in one ‘five’.
    Players must arrive within 15 minutes of designated start time or they will not be allowed to play any matches that night.
  • 22. Ambrosia Shield (5-A-side)
    Eligilbility – Players must have played one league match
    Players can only play in one ‘five’.
    Players must arrive within 15 minutes of designated start time or they will not be allowed to play any matches that night.
  • 23. Pairs Competition
    Venue – Okehampton Conservative Club.
    One pair from each team.
  • 24. Mens and Ladies Individual Knockout Competitions.
    A. Mens Eligibility – must not have missed more than five divisional matches.
    B. Womens Eligibility – Must have played two league matches that season.
  • 25. Highest Average Players – Male and Female
    Eligibility – Must not have missed more than two league matches.
    Average than calculated on all league games played.

(Last amended August 2014)