End Of Season Competitions

Fairey Winches Pairs Shield

   A one night only pairs competition, at a single venue, open to all teams. The first recorded winners of the shield were Wanderers in 1976-77. For many years the venue for this competition has been the Conservative Club in Okehampton, as it can accommodate the 3 alleys needed to play on simultaneously.

Individual Knockout Competition

   The Ladies Individual KO Cup was initiated by a cup donated by Dartmoor Prison Officers Social Club in 1982. Eligibility has changed over the years, but ladies must not miss more than 5 league games in order to play. Every player that achieves this level is permitted to apply.
   For the Mens Individual KO Cup, eligibility is the same, however due to numbers only two men per league team are permitted to enter. The mens competition started in 1986-87.

Captains Cup

   The Captains Cup was instigated at the AGM prior to the 1984-85 season, after agreement from the floor. The winner of the very first Captains Cup was Brian Preece of the Dartmoor Prison Officers Social Club.

Trophies and Awards

Dartmoor Trophy (Highest Average)

   The method of calculating the highest average is: All league match scores are totalled then divided by the number of games played. However there is now also a qualification regarding number of games that a player must play (Rule 25). The format changed slightly at one time, with only away scores counting, but this soon changed back again to the format still used today.
   At first there was only one cup – the Dartmoor Trophy (for the highest overall average), then a second trophy was added allowing one male and one female winner. Next saw an expansion to a highest average male and female from each division, as some divisions had differing numbers of league games to play. From 1997-98 there were two Dartmoor Trophies (One male and one female overall highest average), plus trophies for highest male and female in each division and is the same to date.

Highest Team Score

   This is a relatively new “competition”, having started in 1992-93 season. There is a cup for the winning team of each division, calculated by the total of all away team scores in league matches only. This team score is also crucial when it comes to any league positional draws at the end of the season, as winners (and relegation) are adjudged by this method.

18 Pin / 21 Pin Club

   In 1986 Whitbread introduced a “Trophy Bitter 18 Pin Club”. This enabled players (in league matches only) to obtain a certificate and glass tankard, if they achieved 18 pins or more with 3 balls at an approved Whitbread venue. This incentive ended at the end of 1988.
   From the 1989-90 season onwards the league took the idea, expanded it and created a 21 Pin Badge which could be won by any league match player in any league venue. The first badge achieved is free, then if desired players can purchase consecutive ones after that. From 2009-10 onwards, 21 badges could be won in competitions too.

Arthur Martyn Shield (27 Trophy)

   In August 1987, Mrs Pat Martyn donated the Arthur Martyn Shield in memory of her late husband, to be won by any player scoring 27 pins with 3 balls, in league matches only. At the 2002 AGM this was opened up to include competition matches aswell.