Cup History

Knockout Cup (10-a-side)

   Since 1978-79 the winners names have been engraved on the knockout cup, the first winners being Ambrosia A. It is not known if this competition was in existance prior to this date. Originally played on an inter-divisional basis, team captains arranged the matches until 1987-88, when the league secretary began pre-arranging matches in league spare weeks to avoid problems with fixtures.
   For the 1993-94 season, 5 cups were made available to the league so that the Knockout Cup could be contested divisionally, then the winners would face each other to find an overall winner. This however lasted only until the 1995-96 season when it reverted back to its original format. Another change for 93-94 was a new rule, that any player wishing to participate in the cup, would have to have previously played at least one league game for the team that season. This rule still exists today, and covers all the team cup competitions.

Ambrosia Shield (6-a-side/5-a-side)

   Donated by the Ambrosia Club, this shield was first won by Fox C. Originally played for by both league teams and “club” teams of 6-a-side, this inter-divisional cup competition was again run by team captains, until 1987-88 when the secretary booked neutral alleys in specific weeks. The finals were played at the Ambrosia Club until the venue closed, and are now played at a venue selected by the committee. Only league teams contest this cup now, and at the 2002 AGM the floor changed the format to a 5-a-side competition.

Committee Cup Ladies

   The format for this cup was initially created to provide more matches for a small 3rd and 4th division, during the 1985-86 season. As a 10-a-side cup between these two divisions, it stayed in operation for another season, until the league expanded and rendered it redundant. A new ladies only knockout format was devised, however this too became redundant as there were fewer full ladies teams in existance as the years passed. So the format changed once more, this time to a 6-a-side knockout cup. At the 2002 AGM the floor changed the format to a ladies 5-a-side, matching the Ambrosia Shield.