League History

Whitbread Skittles League (Pre Records)

   It may well be impossible for us to ever know exactly how the league started, but from various recollections we understand that several “interested parties” got together for a meeting, including Jim Moulden, Frank Ward, Syd Lake (all FOX) and Bill Stuart (Lewdown), Whitbread donated a trophy and from this meeting in 1970 a cup competition of 6 teams was born. There were no written rules to abide by, no limit on player numbers and no committee to run it. The teams were:

Blue Lion (Lewdown)
Conservative Club (Okehampton)
Fairey Winches (Tavistock)
Lewdown Young Farmers (Lewdown)

   By the end of the first season however, the group was down to 5 teams following the withdrawal of Lewdown Young Farmers.
   No paperwork exists to enable us to plot the change into, and expansion of the league in the next 10 years, however earliest records show that by 1980 there were 24 teams across 2 divisions.
Teams that played in season 80/81 were:

AmbrosiaAmbrosia BApple CrumbleArundell
Blue Lion ABlue Lion BBritish Legion(1)Charlies Angels
ChipshopConservative ACornish Arms(1)Dartmoor(1)
Devils(1)DPOSCFairey WinchesFox A
Fox BFox CLiskeardOddballs
Post(1)TrineWanderersWhite Hart(1)